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Desktop and mobile applications for dental students and practitioners developed at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Optimizing Success with Complete Dentures

Current Version: 1.0, Released: Winter 2013

This program presents the principles and clinical procedures associated with complete dentures. Faculty can use the program in their teaching and students can use it for both learning and self-assessment. It contains the history of complete dentures and the effects of complete edentulism upon patients. There is an extensive section on edentulous anatomy that includes a 3D skull, videos that show maxillary and mandibular examinations with pertinent anatomy identified, and self-assessment quizzes with integrated reference libraries covering bony landmarks, soft tissue landmarks, and the muscles and structures that form complete denture borders. Additional content includes descriptions and illustrations of the Anatomic Classification systems important to performing a comprehensive examination and developing a prognosis plus a thorough review of the posterior palatal seal and how it's location is identified.

There is an interactive section showing how to make complete denture impressions, videos of impression making, and textual documents that review the key actions associated with formation of impression borders. In addition, the process of making neutral zone impressions and palatograms are described and illustrated.

The section on jaw relation and tooth position records presents a comprehensive literature review of rest position and interocclusal distance as well as interactive programs related to the measurement of rest position, occlusal vertical dimension, and interocclusal distance. Other features of this section include the use of speech sounds to determine tooth positions and several videos.

There are multiple patient treatment examples and content related to the clinical procedures and fabrication of CAD/CAM complete dentures as well as historic resource documents from M.M. House and James E. House.

There will be many additions to the program over the coming year and current purchasers will receive complimentary updates.